Best Schools in Seattle

As a large and ever-growing city, Seattle offers many educational options to students of all ages. There are over 400 preschools, 175 elementary schools, 100 middle schools, and 75 high schools. And that list doesn’t include the hundreds of private schools and charter schools in the region. Parents have lots of choices when it comes to finding the perfect school for their kids. Here are some of the best schools in the area:


Alki Elementary School


As the premier K-5 school in Seattle, Alki Elementary School offers an engaging curriculum to the youngest students. It’s the school’s mission to prepare students for their future not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. The student body is highly diverse, and they have a reputation for providing disadvantaged and lower-income students with numerous opportunities.

Alki offers many clubs and activities to students. Those attending may participate in the global reading challenge or join the Native American education program. There are advanced learning classes available to gifted and talented kids. The hands-on approach to learning ensures every kid can reach their fullest potential.


Salmon Bay School


There are many choice schools in Seattle, and the Salmon Bay School is one of the most popular. This campus serves students in grades K-8. In order to attend, parents must apply for admission during the school district’s open enrollment period. It’s free to attend, but space is limited. Less than 500 students attend the campus each year.

Students learn differently at Salmon Bay. Unlike traditional classrooms, students have fewer regulations here. Teachers allow students to learn in their own way and at their own pace. Small classrooms make it possible to provide each child with plenty of one-on-one attention. By the time they finish 8th grade, students are more than prepared for the next chapter of their lives.


Summit Sierra Charter School


Summit Sierra is one of the smallest high schools in the Seattle area. Around 115 kids are currently enrolled, which makes it possible for kids to get plenty of attention. It’s a tuition-free charter school that serves grades 9-12.

Teachers take on a different role at Summit Sierra. Instead of instructing and disciplining, teachers act more like mentors. It’s their job to teach children how to become self-driven and independent. Students learn using a research-based instructional method. Those who graduate from the school often get accepted into some of the top colleges in the country.


The Center School


Students with a passion for the arts should consider enrolling in The Center School. The mission of this school is to prepare children for the future using an arts-integrated college curriculum. In addition to highly motivational academics classes, students also get to participate in a variety of arts and humanities courses, including theater, video production, and graphic design.

By intermingling the arts and academics, students can learn using both sides of their brain at once. Graduates either enter college, vocational school, or find work in their designated field. As part of the public school system, classes are free. However, only about 200 students are accepted each year. Homepage

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